Up and Coming Events

Sunday,  May 20th 2018 : Pentecost

8.30am : Holy Communion

10:30am : Family Service

5pm : yF3

7pm : Holy Communion


Coming up ….

8.30am : Holy Communion
10.30am : Morning Prayer
7pm : Evening Prayer
SUNDAY 13th May
8.30am : Holy Communion 2 (p201)
1st Reading : Acts 2v1-21 (p1093)
Gospel : John 15v26-27 & 16v4b-15 (p1083)
10.30am : Pentecost Family Service with Baptism
7pm : Holy Communion 2 (p201)
1st Reading : Acts 2v1-21 (p1093)
Gospel : John 15v26-27 & 16v4b-15 (p1083)
8.30am : HC1
10.30am : MP2
7pm : EP1
Monday (7pm) : Summer Madness Information Meeting for parents of young people who are planning to, or considering attending.  Bookings ought to be received by Wednesday, so that tickets can be purchased prior to the June 1st deadline.  Tickets can be purchased after June 1st, but will cost an extra £15.
Monday (8pm) : Guardians of Ancora Holiday Bible Club Leaders and Helpers Meeting.  This year we revisit Ancora for our Holiday Bible Club during the week of 13th-17th August (10am-12noon).  If you might be available and are willing to help, please feel free to come along to our preparation meeting.  For further details, please speak to Hannah McCann.
Tuesday : House Group
10.30am : Marksmen & Wheels & Squeals
7.30pm : LEO / Compline

10am : Ladies Walking Group
Wednesday 30th May (8pm) : Parish BBQ Planning Meeting in the Crozier Hall.  All who are willing to help will be most welcome.
Thursday, 31st May (7pm) : Football at the Richhill Recreation Centre.  Players of all abilities welcome!  (Outdoors, age 16+)
Friday, 1st June (6.30pm) : Sunday School BBQ at Loughgall Country Park
Sunday, 3rd June : Children’s Day Service (10.30am) followed by our Parish Picnic
Friday, 8th June : Cricket Match (7pm) with our friends from Mall Presbyterian Church

Friday, 15th June : Parish BBQ (7pm)